What is your training methodology?

I use balanced training methods, which really means I'm open to utilizing a variety of different tools in dog training that include, but are not limited to, food, prong collars, long lines, flexi-leads, harnesses, ecollars, crates, clickers. I am open to trying to meet your goals with tools and methods you feel comfortable using. I will always be very honest in what I think is the best plan for your dog and will explain that plan, along with any tools thoroughly, but I will never force a tool on you/your dog that you are not comfortable with. 

Do you guarantee results?

The majority of dog training falls on to the owner and following through explicitly with the training plan. I can not guarantee results that rely on someone else's dedication to the process. With that being said, if you are committed to the process of training your dog, I will do absolutely everything in my power to help you and your dog become a successful team. I am available in between lessons as well to help. I want you and your dog to be successful.