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Service Dog Training
Program structure based on individual needs and evaluation

Service Dogs can be life-changing asset by providing independence to individuals with disabilities. While there is no national certification to become a service dog, the Americans with Disabilities Act states that service dogs are required to behave appropriately in public and must perform a task directly related to their person's disability. 

Rockem Dog Training's Service Dog Program prioritizes a high behavioral standard, the health and well-being of the dog, and quality of task training in order to set handler's and their dogs up for long term success while adhering to excellence and ease in public. Our Immersion Program offers comprehensive and individualized training packages that encompass public access and task training through a combination of private lessons and board-and-train. Overall program design is dependent on training goals, tasks needed and the dog's overall aptitude and temperament.

Rockem Dog Training specializes in physical task work such as retrieving items, tugging open doors, turning on and off lights, deep pressure therapy and more. Rockem also trains dogs to assist with post traumatic stress symptoms as well as those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

An evaluation is required prior to starting service dog training with Rockem Dog Training. Dogs will also be required to undergo health clearances to ensure they are medically sound to be working, which will include hip/elbow radiographs to be submitted through PennHip or OFA, an echocardiogram and an eye exam.

The investment into owner-training a service dog is a lengthy process that requires time and dedication without guaranteed outcomes. It is important to note that at any time in a future service dog's journey, a dog can be deemed behaviorally or medically unsuitable to continue training as a service dog, which is why our standards include health and temperament evaluations.

Service dogs are distinguished from therapy dogs, which are volunteer teams who provide support to the public and do not have public access privileges. They are also distinguished from emotional support animals which require a prescription from a Medical Doctor, do not perform tasks for their person and only have housing and travel privileges.

*Rockem does not train dogs to assist with guide work or medical alerts.*

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