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Private Lessons
4 Lesson Package: $575 | 8 Lesson Package: $1100

Private lesson programs are customized to fit your dog's unique needs and developmental stage. All programs will work on on-leash training, and teaching you how to teach your dog fundamental skills for life!

All private lesson programs are held our location in Walnut Creek, CA.

Puppies aged 12 weeks to 6 months will work on puppy foundations that will prepare you and your new best friend to live the life of your dreams together!

During your puppy's first few months of life, they are in a developmental stage we call the "critical imprinting period" where the experiences and exposures they have will forever affect their adult behavior. This is the most important time of their life! It is so much easier to shape a young puppy than it is to fix problem behaviors in an adult dog, and investing in early training can create ultimate success.


We will cover the following topics in puppy lessons:

  • Potty training, in-home routines, name recognition, feeding, prevention of unwanted behaviors

  • How to properly socialize with humans and other dogs

  • Foundational commands and marker words

  • Confidence building, surface discovery, body awareness, and real world exposures

  • Grooming, nail clipping, ear cleaning and medical handling


The goal of these lessons is to introduce your puppy to as many new experiences as possible, instill healthy routines that will create good lifelong habits, create a foundation of behaviors that can grow with your pup, and help them adapt to the physical and social interactions they will experience throughout their lives.

Dogs aged 6 months and up are eligible for private lessons on a case-by-case basis. A consultation with one of our trainers will determine if this program is a fit for your dog!

Private lessons will work on-leash on foundational commands, establishing a clear communication system, devising real-world applications of training and exposures, and addressing mild behavioral challenges such as leash-pulling, hyperactivity, nuisance barking, jumping, lack of confidence and mild reactivity.

Together, we will aim to create a balanced and healthy state of mind in your dog, teach new skills that you can integrate into your everyday lives, help you become a better trainer, leader and advocate for your dog, and help you and your dog live a more harmonious life together!

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