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Board and Train
4-8 Weeks: $4250-$8250

A board and train is the most focused style of training and is highly effective, typically offering faster and more advanced results than private lessons. This is because your dog is learning new skills from a professional, which creates more clarity, precision, and ability to reach their full potential. It is then easier for you to learn because your dog already has a strong foundation of understanding. Many people worry they will not learn as much as they would during private lessons, but it is actually quite the opposite in a board and train approach. We are able to better improve your skills as your dog's handler when your dog already comprehends a solid communication system.

During the board and train, your dog will be living in your trainer's home and given the same care they would their own dogs. They not only receive concentrated training every day, but live a purposeful lifestyle where they form healthy habits, build motivation, and develop confidence. Your dog will gain real life experiences by training both in a home and out in the world on several field trips throughout their stay. We visit parks, pet friendly stores, trails, and more to integrate their training and have fun!

Board and train is an excellent option for owners looking for basic to advanced obedience, working through behavioral issues, off leash reliability, confidence building and social skills.

The Board and Train Program Includes:

  • A 30 minute drop-off consultation

  • Commands: sit, down, place, heel and come both on and off leash

  • A clear marker system

  • Socialization and exposure

  • A herm sprenger prong collar and E Collar Technologies E-Collar

  • A halfway lesson

  • 3 Lessons including your Go Home Lesson

  • Lifetime virtual support for the dog

In order to be eligible for enrollment in a board and train program, your dog must be crate trained. Crate trained means they are comfortable and quiet in a crate during any time of day, in any environment, and whether people are home or away from home.

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