Private Training Package

Private training lessons can cover a wide range of goals you may have for your dog! My training specializes in leash reactivity, fear, anxiety, among other behaviors. 


Each lesson is an hour and a half. Virtual support via text, phone calls and FaceTime is available in between lessons, as a part of the package.

All lessons take place at my house in San Marcos or a local park in San Marcos. I do not currently travel to client's homes for lessons.

Price: 4 sessions for $525

Price: 6 sessions for $750

**Individual sessions will be booked on a case-by-case basis

*These sessions are for puppies and dogs of all ages.


'I've worked with a handful of trianers over the years but Chelsea of Rockem Dog Training is the best! She didn't just give me basic commands to work on at home, but rather tailored both the training and the equipment to each of my dogs' specific physical needs, breeds and personalities. She was much more perceptive about what was going on with one of my dogs than other trainers. Chelsea made time for all my concerns and questions and she provides a judgement-free space for owners. Honestly, her understanding, patience, and flexibility with both dogs and owners have been unmatched.'

-Becky S.


Service Dog Training

I specialize in:

*Physical task work such as retrieving dropped items, helping with opening/closing doors, turning on/off lights, deep pressure therapy

*Skills that can help assist with Post Traumatic Stress

*Hearing Dogs (alerting to sounds in environment)

I currently do not help client's find puppies/dogs for service dog work. I can only work with clients who already have dogs. Before we begin working together, I require an in-person evaluation.

I do not train service dogs to assist with guide dog work or mobility work.

Group Class and Events

In addition to the services above, I create and host various dog events for clients and local dog owners. These range from group classes to scavenger hunts to informative presentations, introduction to various dog sports, tricks classes and lengthier classes discussing specific topics like reactivity and so on.

I want to create a safe space for owners of all personalities of dogs to be able to come together and enjoy different things. These events are welcoming, judgement free and a place to practice, learn, connect and grow!

You have to be a past or current client to attend or have to pass an evaluation.

Price of events: Varies - all events/classes announced through Meetup

Evaluation: $50


She has an amazing amount of know-how and since she has been in the business for years, she has seen it all. My pup has behavior issues that she has been able to identify and break down. She doesn't just train the dog, she trains the handler and I am the one who needs most of the work. She's pleasant, funny and humble -- a rare combination for someone with so much talent. My dog and I are so lucky to have found her.

- Laurie D.