Chelsea Calabria

Owner/Head Trainer


Studio Animal Trainer 

Animal Control Officer 

Service Dog Instructor (Assistance Dogs International Certified): Three year apprenticeship, but over six years total!

Owner of Rockem Dog Training since 2019


Twelve years ago, I found myself adopting my first dog, Rocky, a Chihuahua mix. Clueless, but totally in love, I did my best with my first dog. I quickly fell in love with idea of training dogs and my journey in the animal field began in 2009.

I landed my first animal job as a Kennel Technician and dog training intern at a company called Studio Animal Services. Here, we trained animals for TV shows, movies, commercials and live entertainment. When I was not cleaning kennels, I was training the animals I was assigned to train. Not only did I work with dogs, but I had a chance to train cats, ducks, foxes, wolves and rats. As I began to gain experience, I was soon working on the sets of well-known TV shows like Parks and Recreation and The Big Bang Theory, among others. This is where I learned and honed in my skills of teaching animals new skills.

After a year at Studio Animal Services, I wanted to shift my focus to helping animals, providing them with a voice and serving justice to those who wronged them. I pursued and landed a career as an Animal Control Officer for the Department of Enforcement and Justice in Las Vegas, Nevada. A variety of lessons came out of this challenging career and I'll forever be grateful for my time here.

Westway Studio - Mike and Rocky - 102120

In 2013, I realized how much I missed training dogs, so I shifted my focus and I began my career at Canine Companions for Independence as an Instructor Assistant and worked my way through their three-year apprenticeship and became an Assistance Dogs International Certified Service Dog Instructor. Here, I trained hundreds of dogs on their journeys to becoming Assistance Dogs. I trained dogs how to retrieve dropped items off the floor, tug open doors, turn on and off light switches, among many other tasks. I taught them how to work comfortably next to mobility equipment and how to behave while out in public. While my days were spent teaching adult dogs, I also began teaching puppy classes for CCI, working with pups 8 weeks old to 20 months old. We worked on the basics like loose leash walking, obedience commands and confidence building exercises.

After six and a half years at Canine Companions for Independence, I decided it was time to pursue my own dog training business. I started Rockem Dog Training in October of 2019 and have one goal in mind - to help dog owners create a fun, engaging and mutually respectful relationship with their dog!

"Chelsea provided a fresh perspective that I very much needed at this point in our journey. She helped guide me on how to strengthen my bond with my dog and taught me how to read body language in order to reward or correct at appropriate times. 

I continue to attend all the group classes/events that Chelsea hosts because she provides a safe and fun environment for owners to train together. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she also is the first trainer I've met who listens to you and sets realistic expectations without any judgement."

-  Sarah

'Recently, I scheduled a private session with Chelsea to address my pet dog's behaviors that I have been "managing" by following advice from other trainers. Chelsea goes beyond simply managing a behavior. She strives to reduce the level of management required, keeping both the dog and owner's needs and happiness a priority. She introduced activities that allow my dog to express his natural dog behaviors during appropriate times, suggested changing his equipment, and taught me new ways to work with him. I have already noticed a significant improvement after just a couple of weeks!

Chelsea is extremely knowledgeable in a variety of training philosophies, so she has additional options when you think you've already tried everything! I highly recommend Rockem Dog Training!'

-Lori N.